Audit your website

Get an objective look at your website’s performance with our professional audit service. Identify strengths and areas for improvement to boost your online presence.


Assess the health of your website

Regular auditing of your website is essential to ensure its performance, optimization and online success. With our comprehensive arsenal of advanced auditing tools, we’re ready to help you achieve your online presence goals. Find out how our audit service can benefit your website.

Heat maps and session recordings: Understand your visitors

With our heatmaps, you can visualize the areas of your website where your visitors click and scroll the most. This enables you to understand their behavior and identify the most attractive elements, as well as those that need improvement. In addition, our session recordings allow you to view videos of real visitors interacting with your website. You’ll be able to observe their journey, their expectations and their friction points, so you can optimize their experience.

Survey tools and form analysis: Listen to your visitors

Our survey tools enable you to gather valuable feedback from your visitors. You can create and send personalized surveys to obtain information about their experience, needs and expectations. What’s more, our form analysis helps you understand how visitors interact with your forms. This will enable you to identify and solve the problems that can lead to abandonment, and optimize your conversion rate.

A/B testing and funnel analysis : Optimize your performance

Thanks to our A/B tests, you can compare different versions of your website to determine which one generates the best results. This approach allows you to optimize your site according to the preferences of your target audience, thus improving your conversion rate. What’s more, our funnel analysis enables you to track visitors’ progress through your site, identifying the stages at which abandonment occurs. You can then optimize these steps to maximize the conversion of visitors into customers.

Search Engine Optimization tools : Boost your online visibility

Our SEO tools help you evaluate and improve your site’s SEO performance. You can analyze key SEO factors such as meta tags, site structure, keywords and links. Our personalized recommendations will guide you in optimizing your site and improving your search engine rankings. This will help you attract qualified traffic and increase your online visibility.

User feedback: Improve your user experience

The user evaluation tool enables you to collect feedback from your visitors, helping you to identify areas where you can improve the experience on your website. You can get feedback on navigation, usability, design and other aspects of your site. This valuable feedback will guide you in the ongoing optimization of your site to meet your users’ expectations.

Our digital agency at your service: Ensure your online growth

At Internet Diffusion, we’re committed to helping our customers grow and thrive online. Our team of experts will support you throughout the audit process, analyzing every aspect of your website in detail. We provide you with a comprehensive report with customized recommendations for optimizing your site, enhancing your user experience, increasing your visibility and boosting your bottom line.