About the digital agency

Internet Diffusion, your digital partner in Switzerland

Boost your online presence in Switzerland: Our digital agency offers you a turnkey entry to the Swiss market.

About the digital agency

Become the benchmark for your market in Switzerland

For nearly 25 years, Internet Diffusion has specialized in the creation of online projects in Switzerland. We understand the unique challenges that international companies face when seeking to penetrate the Swiss online market. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive set of services to help you conquer the Swiss online market and achieve your business goals.

Market research

Beforehand, an in-depth market study of the Swiss market can be carried out by one of our partners. which will provide valuable information on trends, consumer behavior and opportunities specific to your industry. This study will help you make informed decisions and develop a strategy tailored to the region.

Localized website development

We design and develop customized websites, tailored to the specific needs of the Swiss market. We make sure your site offers a seamless user experience, with functionality tailored to the region, to maximize your online impact.


Online advertising and social network management

We implement targeted and effective advertising strategies to increase your visibility and generate qualified traffic in Switzerland. We also use popular social networking platforms to strengthen your presence and interact with your target audience.


Our team of SEO experts works to improve your ranking in Swiss search results. We use advanced, region-specific search engine optimization techniques to increase your website's visibility and attract qualified organic traffic.

Customer support

We offer a customer support service specifically tailored to the needs of the customers, ensuring that they receive fast, efficient assistance.

Advertising and communications

In collaboration with a local communications agency, we can set up advertising campaigns in the local media, boosting your visibility outside the Internet too.

Our digital agency stands out for its in-depth expertise of the Swiss online market and its knowledge of best practices in digital marketing in this country. We are dedicated to your success and work closely with you to develop a customized strategy that meets your specific needs and objectives in Switzerland.

Contact us today to discuss your project and find out how our digital agency can help you successfully enter the Swiss online market.